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    Not your average storyteller

My name is Reana Ashley, and I am a Surreal Collage Artist and Fine Art Photographer. I have been a VISUAL ARTIST since the early 2000s. I started in high school, creating a small business that I grew and built with my friends; BUT my love for VISUAL ARTISTRY goes way back. I was ABOUT eight years old when I discovered my craft. I took pictures of my toys , nature and everything in site with MY FIRST disposable camera. I then took my photographs and started cutting up magazines to make collages with them. I was Inspired by Andy Warhol at such a young age. I guess you can say I’ve always had an unorthodox approach to my work.  I am ardent about delivering a message through my images. Whether it be an awe-inspiring landscape or a portrait that conveys a deep emotional response. I’m passionate about the images I take and seek to capture only what speaks to me. If my images speak to you the way they speak to me, I would be honored to display my photos in your exhibition. Thank you for your time and I’m looking forward to creating stories together.
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